Today, companies have teams spread all across the world.

In order to streamline efficiency, companies are using various tools to keep up:

  • Slack for messages
  • Trello for Task management
  • MS project for project management
  • Google docs or MS word for meeting notes that stored on Google drive
  • Emails for sharing docs and notifications
  • Zendesk for ticket management

These are all great tools,

but they still lack the cohesion needed to ensure a team’s productivity as users have to use various systems to get their job done.

On top of that, company data is spread out on different company servers, which is prime for a data leak or breach.

Also these tools don’t provide a central database, which is required for AI and Machine Learning.

GMinutes provides all the above functions, plus more and it's stored in one database. This allows GMinutes to provide company analytics, with deep learning of projects, tasks, meetings, action items/tickets and resources. It learns and recommends the best way to manage projects, tasks and how to communicate securely with team members.

GMinutes was a 2010 Terman Award winner in the cloud computing category - an award which is given to one company in the US for that category each year, beating out 14 other nominated organizations.

GMinutes’ AI Engine looks at 9 signals for project delays due to lack of budget, resources, tasks delays, contract delays and more. It informs and predicts ahead to correct one’s path. It shows real-time status on many different items via its dashboard and through detailed reports to show the projects overall health.

Smart Meetings

Avoid unnecessary meetings and keep your team's work on schedule.

Smart Search

With GMinutes’ smart search, you can find your tasks, meeting and project notes in one click.

AI & Machine Learning

This feature helps guide user to properly setup projects and tasks.

Smart Analytics

GMinutes’ pre-project Analytics can save time and money before you start a project by looking at 7 different flags that can predict project failure and task delays. It's always learning to keep the project’s schedule and budget on track.

Smart UI/UX

For the last few years, we have been redesigning GMinutes to work on smart phones.

Smart Security

GMinutes is a secure app as it uses SSL, security certificates, 256 AES encryption during data transmission and on the data server to ensure security and privacy.

Secure Servers

GMinutes is hosted on government certified servers at an unknown location in USA. GMinutes has:

  • Smart-access control
  • Location-based access
  • Document-based access
  • User-based access
  • Project-based access
  • Task-based access
  • Time-based access

Security and AI is a foundation of GMinutes. Its founder has experience leading and developing secure technology at Palmchip and Moobila. Palmchip’s team developed various security technology including the first ever zero-day attack technology, AES 256 hardware engine, the first Wifi hub security app to detect rogue attacks, an Android app which detects malware on the smartphone, just to name a few.

GMinutes will be implementing more security features as Moobila and Palmchip have extensive experience in the Cyber security realm.

You can try GMinutes for free at Once you set up your GMinutes account, please email to Then we will walk you through the features and any question you might have. .

Feel free to email me if you have any issue signing up and have any questions.